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Our goal is to make learning as easy as breathing.

Making Learning Easier
Our products are designed to provide you maximum educational benefit with minimal effort on your part. They are created not just by educators and teachers, but also graphic artists, marketing professionals, cognitive scientists, and students. The result is a much greater focus on presenting the information in a way that is easily absorbed. With our products, you can:
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The Topics We Cover
Whether you're looking to ace Chemistry 101, 101 Physics, GRE, SAT, MCAT, or AP tests, or intro college Physics and Chemistry, Aprenda has you covered with our tutorials.
Our content is ideal for students taking high school and college level Chemistry and Physics courses. Below is a list of the topics we cover. Sign up for FREE
I thought Aprenda was a really good website, especially considering it's free. You get most of the stuff that you need in one place.

Sally Chen   Boston College
What we offer for free:

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